ST-3000T Automatic Fiber Cable Stripping Machine 2.0/3.0mm to 0.9mm

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  • ST-3000T Automatic Fiber Cable Stripping Machine 2.0/3.0mm to 0.9mm

ST-3000T Automatic Fiber Cable Stripping Machine 2.0/3.0mm to 0.9mm

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ST-3000T Automatic Fiber Cable Stripping Machine 2.0/3.0mm to 0.9mm

The newly developed ST-3000T automatic fiber peeling machine is a new type of optical cable end processing equipment, which is based on the eagerness of optical fiber connector manufacturers to improve production efficiency and reduce the skilled manual emergence of optical cable end processing equipment. In order to solve the problem that the skin layer of optical fiber is usually peeled manually with wire peeling pliers, the diameter of optical fiber is 0.9mm, while the central glass fiber is only 0.125mm. When the fiber is peeled with ordinary mechanical clamp at room temperature, because the surface of glass fiber can not be touched, it is easy to damage the internal glass fiber, and the artificial denudation is low in precision, low in working efficiency and low in product quality.

Features of this machine:

1. The design of this machine is original and novel, the operation of the machine is in accordance with ergonomics, and it is suitable for automatic peeling 2 / 8 core banded fiber.
2. When the upper and lower heating methods are used, the epidermis is more easily separated from the peeling glass fiber coating.
3. The automatic peeling method is adopted to eliminate the influence of manual factors, and the performance is stable and reliable.
4. High production efficiency and no need for skilled personnel.
5. The waste after stripping has a special receiving box to collect, which ensures the cleanliness of the production site.










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