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Single-mode Optical Fiber Cable and Multimode Optical Fiber Cable Explained

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Single-mode Optical Fiber Cable and Multimode Optical Fiber Cable Explained

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Optical fibers refer to network cables that use light pulses to facilitate data transmission along the fibers made of plastic or glass. Optical fibers are not prone to impact by electromagnetic interference.


Many factors come into play when deciding which fiber optic cabling to install because each decision has huge implications for a network’s bandwidth, distance, and budget.


Considering the technology is based on light propagation, there are two primary types of optical fibers to choose from. Multimode and Single-Mode optical fibers. The latter is recommended for shorter transmission distances, whereas the former is frequently used for long-distance signal transmission.


Things to Know About Single-Mode Fiber Cables

Single-mode, also known as mono-mode and uni-mode optical fiber cables, feature a tiny core with a diameter of about 9 micrometers to carry light. A cladding that increases the optical fiber’s diameter up to 125 micrometers covers the core.


The core comprises a single fiber strand where the emitted light travels from the source. It uses a laser-sharp focussed light ray as the optical source. Since the transmission involves a single light beam, single-mode optic cable boasts minimum signal distortion. This supports long-distance transmission of signals with an appreciably boosted transmission speed and greater bandwidth.


A Brief Overview of Multimode Optical Fiber Cables

Multimode fiber optics feature a core of 50 micrometers and above. The larger core allows multiple light beams or modes to travel down the core simultaneously. As several modes or rays of light propagate through the fibers simultaneously, the chances of interference increase significantly. This intermodal dispersion causes it to be used with short-distance applications. While multimode fiber is more expensive, the transmission tools associated with it cost less.


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Differences Between Multimode and Single-Mode Optic Cable


#1- Bandwidth


Both types of optical fibers function differently when it comes to bandwidth. Single mode cables utilize brighter and stronger light sources with lower attenuation to deliver unlimited bandwidth in this fast-paced world.


On the contrary, multimode optical cables transmit several light modes with lower brightness and higher attenuation. The bandwidth is, therefore, limited. Single-mode optic cables come out as a forerunner.


#2- Distance

When it comes to transmission distance, single-mode fiber cables have the upper hand because they’re capable of both long and short-distance transmission. Meanwhile, the transmission isn’t affected by resolution quality or signal bandwidth.


Most of them can relay over 10 kilometers over single-mode fiber optic cables. On the other hand, multimode fiber’s maximum range hovers below 500 meters. The shorter distance is because of the cable grading associated with the multimode optic cables.


#3- Application

The inherent differences between Multimode and Single Mode optic cables lie in the difference in their application. The latter features a 9-micrometer optical core and a single light mode for long-distance transmission sustainability without any significant impact on the bandwidth. But because of multiple light paths, multimode cables only suit projects requiring high bandwidth over shorter distance ranges.


Multimode and Single-Mode Optic Cable Types

Both types of fiber cables come in different types based on minimum overfilled modal bandwidth length, maximum attenuation, wavelength, and effective modal bandwidth length. Single-mode cables are marked by OS, whereas multimode ones are marked OM.


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