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Optical connectors are common throughout the network and give us the power to add, drop, move and change the network. However, it is an undeniable fact that the end face pollution of optical connectors is a major cause of the failure of the network. Today we will introduce the fiber end surface inspection.
About end face pollution
Like picture 1, the end face of the optical fiber or connector shall be no pollution or defect. Common pollution and defect types include dust, dirt, pits and debris as well as scratches(Picture 2). In addition, there are many different pollution sources, such as testing equipment, dust cap, bulkhead, people and environment, etc. Once the device is contaminated, there will be cross contamination between the network connector and the port. Thus, inspecting and cleaning test ports and leads before testing network connectors prevents cross-contamination.
Optical fiber inspection
Optical fiber inspection is suggested to carry out before mating connectors and using optical transceiver. As picture 3 shown, we must inspect and ensure the end surface is clean. If it is not clean, a cleaning process must be carried out. We will introduce the end face inspection of connectors and optical transceivers in the following contents.
Tools for optical fiber inspection
※ Clean, resealable container for the endcaps
※ Fiber optic inspection microscopes
※ Bulkhead probe
There are many kinds of optical fiber microscope, It was a simple, inexpensive, portable microscope. Nowadays, the most commonly used types of optical fiber inspection microscopes are video fiber optic microscope (desktop) and hand-held fiber optic microscope. 
Optical fiber connector inspection steps
※ Make sure that the lasers are turned off before you begin the inspection. (Warning: Invisible laser radiation might be emitted from disconnected fibers or connectors. Do not stare into beams or view directly with optical instruments.)
※ Remove the protective cap and store it in a clean resealable container.
※ Verify the style of connector you inspect and put the appropriate inspection adapter or probe on your equipment.
※ Insert the fiber connector into the fiber optic microscope adapter, and adjust the focus ring so that you see a clear end surface image.
※ Or, place the tip of the hand-held probe into the bulkhead connector and adjust the focus.

What should pay attention to when using optical patch cord?

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Optical Patch Cord is widely used nowadays, the patch cord is a weak link in the network optical fiber infrastructure. So in order to achieve the best performance and reliability, we must follow the correct procedures in the optical patch cord managing center. Following list some problems which should be noticed during using the optical patch cord:
※ The wavelength of optical module on both ends of patch cord must be same.
※ To ensure the accuracy of the data transmission, the short wave module generally uses multimode optical fibers (usually orange), and the long wave module uses single mode optical fiber (usually yellow),
※ Don’t make the optical fiber in excessive bending and winding when using it, this will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process. The minimum bending radius of optical fiber is less than 30mm when using.
※ To protect the fiber connector and avoid the dust and oil pollution damage the coupling of fiber, we must use the protective sleeve after using the patch cord.
※ If the fiber connector is dirty, we can use the absolute alcohol to clean, or it will affect the quality of communication.
※ We must use the alcohol and cotton to clean the ceramic ferrule and the interface of the patch cord before using.
※ To avoid being damaged and polluted, Please protect the ceramic ferrule and the interface, fitted with dust cap after disassembling.
※ Don’t look directly at the optical interface when the laser signal is transmitting.
※ We should timely change the damaged patch cord when having the human or other non - Anti - factors damages.
※ Reading the instructions carefully before installation, installing and debugging under the guidance of the manufacturer or dealer's engineers.
※ If the fiber network or system is abnormal, we can use the fault elimination method to test one by one.
※ We can make on-off test first when testing or excluding patch cord fault, usually using red pen to polishing and judging the fiber link.
※ Or using precision optical fiber insertion loss and return loss tester, testing its various indicators. If Indicators in the qualified range, then the patch cord indicated normally, otherwise unqualified.
Above are some attention problems when using patch cord , we have to remember and use it reasonably. Hope you will pay more attention in future use after read this blog.

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