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The optical fiber amplifier is very small in diameter

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The use of optical fiber in communication has revolutionised the communication technology inside the last decade. In broadcasting also, the use of edfa has turn into a. Today's convergent planet where communication, computers and broadcasting are merging, the know-how of optical fibre is essential. The spectrum utilized for optical fiber communication is within the wavelength from 0.eight micro metre to just one.7 micro metre (from 1013 to 1016 Hz). Within this communication program the electrical signal is became light wave and it's transmitted over a glass fiber, that is known as optical fiber. This includes a quantity of advantages, which makes it a single from the most contemporary means of communication links.
Probably the most crucial advantages are listed below:
1. Massive bandwidth: Since the frequency employed is within the visible light spectrum, the bandwidth accessible is huge. A bandwidth of a number of Giga Hz is possible in optical fiber communication.
2. Size & Weight: Unlike metallic cables the optical fiber amplifier is very small in diameter, no more than real human hair and weighs very less. Therefore many optical fibers may be put in one particular cable sheath.
3. Electrical Isolation: Because the glass fiber certainly a good electrical insulator, like PVC, they are able to provide a active of electrical isolation. This rentals are very beneficial in broadcasting specially in High Power Transmitters. Some of the recent transmitters inducted into our network are employing optical fiber for this property.
4. Immunity from Electrical Interference: Being the mode of transmission is by light, external electromagnetic interference cannot effect the reliability of optical fiber communication. Similarly cross talk which is normally connected with metallic conductors is likewise not contained in optical communication.
5. Signal security: Optical signal will not radiate itself out of the fiber. For this reason it isn't attainable to detect the data carried via the cable by proximity. This can ensure high peace of mind in optical fiber communication.
6. Attenuation and loss: The contemporary optical fiber gives suprisingly low attenuation from the signal and has now got minimum transmission loss, just 0.2dB/kM. This will enable the data to be communicated more than a prolonged distance without repeater amplifiers.
7. Rugged & Flexible: Optical fibers are built for very high tensile strength. Hence can be handled easily for laying and is twisted without the need for damage.
8. Affordable: With mass output of dwdm edfa the purchase price is low when compared with costly copper cables for similar number of data transmission.

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