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Fiber Optic Cable Rising in Local Residential Homes

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Rural areas tend to experience difficulty when trying to connect to fast internet speeds, and one local company is trying to change that.

Empire Access claims to have internet connection 20 times faster than it's nearest competitor, and it uses Corning Incorporated products in its network.

"Fiber optic cable future proves your communications needs," Marketing Director Bob VanDelinder said.

It's becoming more common in residential households. It has been prominent in business locations, and the company is providing residents with it by installing the service in nearly 20 markets.

"We're a locally owned and operated telephone company that started a fiber overbuilding company," Chief Operating Officer Jim Baase said. "We've been overbuilding in Steuben, Chemung County, northern Bradford County now for almost three years, and we finally made it to Corning. As I mentioned, we're locally owned and operated - very similar to Corning."

Empire Access is using Corning Incorporated's OptiTap system, or better known as a "splitter." Additionally, it's utilizing Corning's optical fiber which is made of glass.

While propped up to a cable pole, a technician plugs in the fiber optic cable into the splitter which can power up to eight homes. The cable will then run down the block and be installed into the home receiving the service.

The optical fiber cable is so thin it's relative to the thickness of a human hair.

After installing the box outside of the house, the company takes the fiber right into the home with ClearCurve - technology that will not lose quality, speed, or connectivity when bent or pinched.

"We want to change the way people use their internet service, and we want people to use a lot more internet service," Baase said. "Corning's only the first start of this. We're going to expand into Elmira, the Village of Horseheads, and Elmira Heights over the next year. What we're finding is people really want faster internet speeds."

The company also provides television and phone services and offers bundle packages.



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