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How to choose the fiber transceiver

by www.fiber-mart.com

With the constant development of the fiber optic communication industry, more and more customers begin to be great concerned about the stability and reliability of the important devices in optical fiber transceivers. Currently, optical transceivers products on the market varies greatly, many manufacturers tend to reap huge profits, direct sales or second-hand materials for the production of optical transceivers,has brought great damage and risks to the market.
Our customers and friends becomes more and more difficult to control fiber transceivers,we have a responsibility to maintain the remarkable development of the optical fiber communication industry, also have the obligation to protect the interests of all our customers and friends, here ,in the following I want to show you how to choose optical transceivers and the skillful usage of optical transceivers.
Nowadays, the fiber transceivers can be roughly divided into the following three kinds:
1. Original fiber transceivers:
In fact, the so-called original optical transceivers, which is switches, routers and other network equipment manufacturers have their own brand names and authorized OEM module, such as: CISCO, Huawei, H3C, HP, Finisar and so on brand fiber transceiver as the original optical transceivers.
2. Second-hand fiber transceivers:
The so-called second hand, that is, the no totally new products. There are three main sources of second-hand optical fiber transceivers:
1> It’s refers to the products from domestic or foreign has been used for a certain period of time, as the removal of electronic waste after equipment renewal or being damaged.
2> It’s refers to the production line of domestic or foreign, the optical transceivers tested failed directly down the repair of defective products inventory by manufacturers;
3> It’s refers to the exchanger used optical transceivers has been removed by laser and laser detector (Tosa, Rosa) or TO-Can,PINTai (need recoupling), and welded to the new PCBA, this is also the most bad way to distinguish whether it is a kind of new or old.
3. Compatible fiber transceivers:
Compatibility fiber transceiver is what we often say that the third party optical transceivers which is made of the raw materials, process, laser driver program, and so on, have no different from the original optical transceivers. In terms of performance is no inferior to the original optical transceivers and some even be superior to the original optical transceivers What is the biggest problem on compatible optical transceivers is to be compatible with a variety of different brands of network equipment, which is currently the most difficult problem to resolve for the various manufacturers and is one of the biggest bottlenecks in compatible optical transceivers industry development. So all manufacturers show their own capacity to fight the manufacturer’s technical strength and solving ability of compatibility problem.
As we all known, the price of original optical transceivers is very high, so many users can only be discouraged. As for the secondary optical fiber transceivers its price is relatively low, but the quality can not be guaranteed, which there will often be a variety of bad reasons when in the use of a period of time . As a result, many manufacturers have turned their attention to compatible optical transceivers. To be honest , as for usage,the performance of compatible optical module and and the original optical transceivers almost have the same effect, and the price of compatible optical module is several times cheap than the original optical transceivers. This is why the compatible optical transceivers can be so popular.
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