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Advice for Cable Manufacturers Looking to Enter the US Fiber Optic Market

by www.fiber-mart.com

I’m seeing a trend in the fiber optic industry: Cable manufacturers around the world are looking to develop and qualify cable designs in order to enter the US fiber optic market. Unfortunately, I’m witnessing another trend: Many cable manufacturers don’t do enough research prior to designing their products to meet US qualifications. At the testing stage, they encounter disappointing failures. They must step back to redesign and retool. This costs time – and tens of thousands of dollars.
There are many differences from cable manufacturers’ home markets or even moving from Datacom to telecom type cables and testing. When consulting with manufacturers, I can provide help in understanding not only what is required, but how to actually interpret what is required. This includes guiding them past the many potential pitfalls to develop, test, and successfully qualify their fiber optic cables for the American market.
If your company is looking to enter the US fiber optic market, I encourage you to keep reading. There are 5 important steps you’ll need to master to successfully develop and qualify a fiber optic cable for the US marketplace and those can be found in the full blog article here: http://www.fiber-mart.com/news.html

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