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Can I Use SFP Transceiver in SFP+ Slot?

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Typical disarray about SFP and SFP+ now a days is that whether I can utilize the SFP module in SFP+ slot or not.? When the SFP transceiver is connected to a SFP+ slot, can SFP+ bring down to 1G(as they both use LC connectors and moreover are of same size)? Or on the other hand is it conceivable to utilize SFP+ module in the SFP port on my switch to have 10G data links? Can copper Twinax along with SPF+ be used to bring down to 1G? Every one of these inquiries more often than not make a mammoth cerebral pain for some engineers. In the wake of looking into numerous significant documentation, presently I will end the appropriate responses in this article.
SFP Can be Plugged into SFP+ Ports in most cases
I will not be specifying any particular switch model here, but as a general research done till now over the internet I can certainly say yes. SFPs will work in SFP+ slot(in some cases firmware needs to be same on both SFP and SFP+ transceivers), but for sure SFP+ optics don't work in SFP slots. As discussed in the above article the speed is 1G not 10G, when SFP module is plugged into the SFP+ port. Also, once in a while this port will bolt the speed at 1G until we give some commands. Moreover, the SFP+ port generally can never bolster speed under 1G. In other words, we can't connect the 100BASE SFP the SFP+ port. Truth be told, for this inquiry, it might depend extraordinarily on the switch models – at times SFPs are upheld in SFP+ ports, and at times not.  Unless the switch on both ends are not of the same brand two different brand of transceivers can be used. For instance, practically all SFP+ ports of Cisco switch can bolster SFPs and numerous SFP+ ports of Brocade switch just support SFP+. Despite the fact that it's attainable regularly, it's more secure to approach your switch merchant for some data. One should wisely buy SFPSs with good compatibility and a return policy.
SFP+ Can't Auto-negotiate  Down to 1G to Support SFP Module
Though copper SPFs support 10/100/1000 auto-negotiation but optics like SFP and SFP+ don't support auto negotiation by any means. Truth be told, Most (95+%) SFPs and SFP+s will just keep running at the appraised speed, no more, no less. Also, there is no such thing as a SFP+ that does 1G towards the fiber and afterward does 10G towards the unit. Despite the fact that we can utilize SFP in SFP+ ports in most cases, that doesn't mean a SFP+ connected to the SFP+ port can support 1G.
Additionally, both  in a fiber link and twinax cable, negotiation down to 1G cannot be achieved. One can’t have  10GbE at one end and 1 GbE at the other end.
One should make sure that same fiber link is used on both ends in fiber optic network. Though SFP+ slots will take 1Gb SFP optics but SFP modules cannot be connected with SFP+ optics. There is yet to be a perfect answer for this complex question. To avoid the errors one should talk with their vendors before making the next move.

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