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EDFA Module for CATV System

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23dBm Output Compact Booster EDFA Module for CATV System

This Compact Booster EDFA Module for CATV System provides high quality performance in reliability, noise level and output power. It is an ideal building block for photonic subsystems and OEM system integration. Four different control modes (APC, AGC, ATC and ACC) offer maximum flexibility in meeting different system requirements. Pump laser protection and alarms are equipped to ensure the reliabilty and safety of the device.

EDFA Module for CATV System
The module is designed for optical communication and CATV systems. Compact footprint makes it easy to be installed where it is needed, adding to flexibility in network design. To achieve high performance, world brand pump lasers and erbium-doped fibers are used; optical isolators are added at both input and output. It requires only a single 5V DC power supplyfor operation.

The optical circuit design especially for Analog CATV system as follows:

(1) Low noise ensure better CNR for Analog system is sensitive for noise.

(2) Good Spectral flatness in the operating signal to ensure better CSO.

(3) Good Spectral flatness in whole C- bands to fit the upgrade in future NGB.


  • OEM is optional
  • Single 5V DC operation
  • Output Power: 23dBm
  • Input Power: -3~10dBm
  • Extremely low CSO: <-70dBc
  • Dimension: 150mm*125mm*19mm
  • Wide range of working temperature
  • APC, AGC, ATC and ACC control modes
  • Low noise figure: less than 4.5 dB at 0dBm input
  • High stability and reliability: MTBF>100000 hours
  • Perfect status monitoring interface: RS-232 or RS-485


  • Laboratory
  • CATV Networks
  • Booster amplifier
  • Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Optical communications
  • Optical distributed system
  • Video optical transmission system
  • Rack mount optical amplify system

Mechanical Dimension



Order Information

Category Structure Application Input Power Output Power Output port Voltage Interface
M: Module 10: Mechanical Dimension:
2: Fiber Amplifier 1: -3~10dBm
9: other
13: 13dBm

24: 24dBm
1: 1port

2: 2ports
7: 5V DC
8: 3.3V DC

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