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Fiber Optic Visual Light Testers

by www.fiber-mart.com

Visual fault locators can be part of OTDR, which is able to locate the breakpoint, bending or cracking of the fiber glass. It can also locate the fault of OTDR dead zone and make fiber identification from one end to the other end. Fiber optic visual fault locators include the pen type, the handheld type and portable visual fault locator. fiber-mart.com also supply a new kind of fiber optic laser tester that can locates fault up to 30km in fiber optic cable.
The new visual fault locator fiber optic laser tester 30km is especially designed for field personnel who need an efficient and economical tool for fiber tracking, fiber routing and continuity checking in an optical network during and after installation. It can send fiber testing red light through fiber optic cables, then the breaks or faults in the fiber will refract the light, creating a bright glow around the faulty area. Its pen shape made it very easy to carry, and its Cu-alloy material shell made it sturdy and durable, 2.5nm universal interface make it more attractive. The inspection distance various according to different mode.
Easy to check fiber faults with visual red laser light
FC, SC, ST General interface
Sturdy and durable shell
Constant output power
Long inspection distance
Operates in either CW (Continuous wave) or pulse (Both modes are available)
Pen pattern design, convenient for use and carry
Dust-proof design keeps fiber connectors clean
Compact in size, light in weight, red laser output, both SM and MM available
fiber-mart.com provides enough stock of fiber optic visual light testers which usually be shipped out in a short time, and can be shipped out in 2-4 business days. We offer 1 years warranty for the quality of these products, so customers can place the order with 100% confidence!

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