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Let the Ribbon Cables Roll

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Meet two new, totally gel-free fiber optic cables from OFS that feature the company’s exciting new rollable ribbon technology. Using cables with this ribbon design, users can literally double the fiber density in an existing duct.

First, the new AccuTube®+ Rollable Ribbon (RR) Fiber Optic Cable was specifically created to maximize duct utilization for ultra-high fiber count applications.

Available with 1728 and 3456 fibers in a single cable, the AccuTube+ RR Cable offers exceptional carrying capacity, highly efficient and cost-effective mass fusion splicing, and easy individual fiber breakout. This cable is an ideal choice for connecting data centers and serving as distribution for dense Fiber-to-the-Subscriber (FTTx) or mobile networks.

Next, available in 144 and 288 fiber counts, the new AccuRiser™ Rollable Ribbon (RR) Fiber Optic Cable offers the triple benefits of mass fusion splicing, compact size, and excellent flexibility for tough, indoor routing applications. Every element of this new cable was designed to offer high fiber density while helping to speed installation during a new data center or central office deployment.

As mentioned earlier, both of these cables feature rollable ribbon technology, the newest optical fiber ribbon design from OFS. To form these ribbons, twelve 250 micron fibers are partially bonded to each other at intermittent points to create a very flexible ribbon. This design allows the ribbons to be rolled into very tight bundles and routed similarly to individual fibers to facilitate use in smaller closures and splice trays. These “rolled” fibers can also be unrolled into a ribbon that can be spliced with traditional flat ribbon machines and procedures.

Cables with rollable ribbons enable mass fusion splicing by making individual fiber breakout easier than cables with flat ribbons. In addition, rollable ribbon cables allow users to literally double the fiber density in an existing duct. For example, the AccuTube+ RR Cable with 1728  and 3456 fibers can be installed in common 1 ¼ and 2 inch ducts, respectively.

As fiber counts rise, but duct space and cable storage are at a premium, these smaller and more flexible cables can be excellent alternatives to more traditional cable technologies.

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