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MTP/MPO Fiber Optic Cables in High-Density Wiring System

by www.fiber-mart.com

In recent years, in order to adapt high speed and large capacity optical fiber communication systems of the high density and high efficiency cabling connecting needs, there are some companies have developed and research in MPO/MTP fiber connectors. Now the most popular 8 fiber MTP/MPO connector SM optical density is about five times as the SC connectors. Optical fiber connector affect the reliability and the performance of optical transmission system.
MTP/MPO high-density wiring system will be completed the termination, testing equipment in the factory, and plug and play all at the scene, support the deployment of high-density optical fiber connector, User data center shows that under the background of high capacity of wiring the the ideal solution for optical fiber connector need to have the characteristics of simple installation, construction speed, compact structure design and higher precision.
With the improvement of network speed, in terms of optical fiber, correlates twin-core fiber can support MB, gigabit application, but without the use of special coding and agreement, it is difficult to support the 40G and 100G two core optical fiber, and a single channel of 4 core or 10 core optical fiber, 40G and 100G in normal optical fiber communication networks just like the 8 core optical fiber and 20 core optical fiber, it has brought more challenges to the traditional data communication, so we need to use a high density of optical fiber. MPO/MTP Fiber Optic Cable conform to the current needs.
The product for the Multimode 10G OM3 MPO 12 Fiber Optic cable, multimode 10G MPO fiber optic patch cables for aqua skin. MPO (Multi-fiber Push On) is one of MT series connectors, the product used in core is not guided needle (also called the PIN needle) to connect, multimode MPO fiber optic patch cables compact design, a number of cores, small volume, and it is easy to connect and disconnect, moreover each MPO connector is according to the polishing face quality standards in polishing, it widely used in Optical Fiber Patch Cords connections high density integration in the process of wiring environment. fiber-mart.com can provide all kinds of multimode MPO fiber optic patch cords, connector type MPO or MTP specified by the customer, the length and the skin texture of multimode MPO fiber optic patch cables also allowed the customer to choose. The Products are accord with TIA/EI942, ISO/IEC24764 and EN 50173-5. Multimode 10G MPO fiber optic patch cable is one of the most production of MPO Fiber Optic Patch Cable in fiber-mart.com, and most widely used in the system of 10G to 100G.
fiber-mart.com is a largest manufacturer supplier of fiber optic network solutions in China. It offers various MTP/MPO products such as MTP/MPO cassettes, MTP/MPO modules and patch panels. Now you can custom your own optical networking devices and assemblies directly on the website.

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