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Raman-off gain 10dB FM-RA Series Raman Amplifier

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Raman-off gain 10dB FM-RA Series Raman Amplifier

Raman-off gain 10dB FM-RA Series Raman Amplifier is high power Raman Amplifier which is used in low noise, Long span or high speed Optical Transmission system. Using transmission fiber as the gain medium to form distributed to enlarge, reduce system noise and will get best gain and noise index mix the our EDFA product.

Raman-off gain 10dB FM-RA Series Raman Amplifier

Each Pump output power can be adjustable independently which is suitable for a variety network applications and to enlarge the bandwidth.


"Intelligent network management system. Perfectly network interface: Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232 network,and the open network management interface ensure the connectivity with all other network management system. "


  • Gain: 10dB
  • Connectors: SC/UPC, SC/APC, FC/UPC, FC/APC, LC/UPC, LC/APC, ST/UPC and ST/APC connectors are available
  • 1U 19” rack mount structure for easy installation
  • Redundancy hot swap power: 110V/220V mixed with 48V
  • Distributed low-noise amplification
  • Easy control and operate: Dual CPU process control Loops and the upper Interface respectively
  • Perfect network Management interface: Ethernet RS-485 and RS232
  • SNMP Network management Or provide SNMP Mib
  • Single channel, DWDM or C+L band is available
  • Intelligent temperature control system: power consumption and hot Radiation reduce 30% than common products
  • Pump polarization-Independent design
  • Compatible with Bellcore GR-1312-CORE
  • High stability and reliability
  • 10 years of operation life
  • 3 years warranty
  • OEM is available


  • SDH, ATM telecom long distance optical Transmission
  • Analog digital TV long distance Optical Transmission system
  • Long span system
  • 10G, 40G system


Parameters Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operation Wavelength λc 1525 1550 1565 nm
Pump wavelength λp 1425 1 1505 nm
Pump output power Po   500 1000 mW
On/OFF Gain G 6   14 dB
Gain Flatness FL   1   dB
Polarization Dependent Gain PDG     0.3 dB
PMD PMD     0.3 ps
Relative Noise Figure NF     0 dB
Power Supply Vps 85/170 110/220 132/264 VAC
Consumption P     18 W
Operating Temperature Tw -5   60
Storage Temperature Ts -40   80
Humidity   10   85 %


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