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2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator

2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator

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  • 2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator
  • 2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator
  • 2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator
  • 2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator
  • 2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator

2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator

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2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator 1M

Fiber-Mart’s 2x2 Polarization-Maintaining (PM) Optic Circulators is a compact, high performance light-wave component that can be used to separate signals. Traveling in opposite directions along fibers by transmitting signals from port 1 to port 2, from port 2 to port 3, and from port 3 to port 4. This component provides high isolation, low insertion loss, high extinction ratio, and excellent environmental stability.
The route path is the traditional routing from port 1 to port 4.
Choose from versions with no connectors, FC/ST/SC/LC PC&APC connectors and so on.


  • Low Back Reflection
  • High Extinction Ratio
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • High Return Loss
  • Excellent environmental stability and reliability


  • DWDM system
  • Add-Drop Multiplexing
  • Fiber Amplifier
  • Fiber Sensor
  • Chromatic Dispersion Compensation Devices
  • Fiber Bragg Grating
  • Polarization maintaining optical system

Application Diagram

Below are Three Port Circulator application for your reference.

As the picture shows: The input DWDM channels are coupled into Port 1 of the device with a FBG device connected to Port 2. The single wavelength reflected from the FBG then reenters the Circulator in Port 2 and is routed accordingly to Port 3. The remaining signals pass through the FBG and exit on the top fiber.
Circulator used to drop an optical channel from a DWDM system using a Fiber Bragg Grating.
As the picture shows: A Circulator is located at both ends of the fiber. Each Circulator functions to add a signal in one direction while removing the signal in the other.
Circulator can be used to send optical signals through a single fiber in two directions.


Order Information

Product Description(PMCIR) Port Type Stage Operating
Pigtail Type Fiber Type Connector Type Fiber Length

1. Operating Wavelength: Fiber-Mart can customize any other wavelengths according to your requirement.
2. Length: The default length for the cable is 1M, Fiber-Mart could also provide 0.5M,0.8M,1.5M, 2.0M, etc.
3. Connector: Each port of the Circulator could be with any connector such as FC/LC/SC/ST,etc. Please contact us by email to [email protected] or call at +86 1 86 2786-1199 if you have any requirement for it.

Sample Picture

Parameter Unit Value
Type - Type A Type B
Center Wavelength nm 1310& 1550 1310 &1550
Operating Wavelength Range nm ±30 ±20
Typ.Peak Isolation 23℃ dB 46 30
Min.Isolation at 23℃ dB 40 20
Typ.Insertion Loss at 23℃ dB 0.9 0.8
Max.Insertion Loss at 23℃ dB 1.2 1.1
Min.Extinction Ratio dB 20 20
Min.Cross Talk dB 50
Min.Return Loss dB 50
Max.Optical Power(CW) mW 300
Max.Tensile Load N 5
Fiber Type - PM Panda Fiber
Operating Temperature -5~+70
Storage Temperature -40~+85
For device with connector, IL is 0.3dB higher, RL is 5dB lower, ER is 2dB lower;
The default connector key is aligned to slow axis;


If any option which is not indicate in your Ordering, please write your option or request in your ORDER to Fiber-Mart, and contact with us.


You can place your Order Online in our website, you can send us a Purchase Order as a company, or you can request a Proforma Invoice Order to make everything clear!


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EMS: Within 4-15 business days
UPS: Within 1-3 business days
Hong Kong Post Airmail: Within 10-30 business days


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2X2 1310nm Polarization Maintaining Optical Circulator Perfect service as always,website was especially easy to...
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