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Anyone have AT&T fiber optic service?

by www.fiber-mart.com

I do, and it’s a step up from the Comcast and Time Warner service I have used in other places I have lived. The only thing you may run into is slightly fewer channels then Comcast, but just check the channel line up for the package you choose to make sure it has the channels you want. AT&T Uverse, that’s the name of the Fiber Optic service, has all the regular channels you would expect so it’s not like they are lacking or anything.

Remember AT&T Uverse is not the same thing as AT&T DSL. It is completly different and much, much faster. Just like Verizon has DSL and FIOS. FIOS is the same thing as AT&T Uverse.

The Internet service is a big step up however. Compaines like Time Warner advertise Fiber Optic Internet service but that is misleading. It is true they use a fiber optic network but this only extends as far as the service node. From there it is standard coaxial line all the way to your house. AT&T Uverse installs a node in your yard, looks like a small electrical box, and this means it’s fiber optic all the way to your house and is why they offer higher speeds. They may set up a bigger node at the end of the block and then use that for your whole street but it is still a step up from cable internet. Your cable internet node may be several miles from your house. With a closer node you are sharring the network bandwidth with fewer people which also helps add to the speeds.

Also, it’s TV content is 100% digital just like Satellite service. Most channels with cable are still analog signals. This is even true for many of the channels that you can only get by paying for the digital box. You pay extra money to get those channels but they are not all digital. It is true that over the air TV broadcasts will go all digital in 2009, but cable companies will still send out the majority of their channels in analog. The all digital requirement applies only to over the air signals and does not apply to cable companies.

You do not need a TV with a Digital Tuner to use all digital service like AT&T Uverse or DirecTV because the box processes the digital signal for you.

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