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Cable ties are necessary tools for cable or wire organizing or bundling solutions. A cable tie is also known as a zip tie or tie-wrap, it is type of fastener, expecially for binding bulk and organize electronic or fiber cables or wires together. The cable ties are usually made of very strong and durable materials, and they can usually used for multiple purpose such as gardening, decoration or even electrical purpose. Ingellen is one of China’s main fiber optic cable manufacturers providing not only series fiber optic cables but also many other cable management tools, among which are the cable ties available in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials for fastening, bundling, clamping and identifying in a variety of applications throughout the physical infrastructure. Velcro cable ties and Nylon cable ties are two kind of common bundling solutions for fiber optic cable or wires that are available from Ingellen.
Nylon Cable Ties
Nylon cable tie is a common form of cable ties. A nylon cable tie consist of a tape section with triangular teeth that slope in one direction. At the head of the cable tie there is a slot with a flexible pawl that rides up the slope of these teeth when the tape is inserted. The pawl engages the blackside of these teeth to stop removal of the tape. Ingellen nylon cable is made up of Nylon 6.6, which is especially ideal for outdoor use because of its high strength and a wide temperature range. It meet UL 94 V-2 flammability classification and military specification MS 3367, structure with teeth on both sides for enhance strength and is used in continuous or extended exposure to high temperatures up to 250°F.
Magic Velcro Cable Ties
Velcro is known as magic tie. Velcro is the brand name of a company that produces the first commercially marked Velcro cable ties. Velcro tie is actually a hook and loop cable tie. A velcro cable tie wraps around wires, cables and objects and then back onto themselves for a secure hold. Because a velcro cable tie is made using soft and flexible, hook and loop materials, they are gentle on cables. This characteristic is what makes them such a popular choice for securing CAT-5 cables and fiber optic wiring. Velcro cable ties have grown in popularity in part because they are reusable and so easy to use. Ingellen provides Velcro cable ties in different colors including blue, black, gray, red and green and sized with 20 x180, 20 x160 MM hook and loop.
Generally cable ties no matter Velcro cable ties and Nylon cable ties are important components used to secure wire bundles and harness components quickly, they are usually with flexible designs that allows user to slip ties easily under and around cables and harnesses, and they can be used with most standard tensioning/cutoff tools for fast production line fastening. There are now host of cable ties wholesalers or distributers in the markets, choosing the good and reputable ones for your suppliers is very important because it means the cable ties are totally comply with or even exceed the industry standards to delivery the maximum reliability and optimize your cable tie installation safety and speed, and as the result, contributing to lower totally cost.

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