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How Fibre Optic Surveillance Systems Work

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Digital images are transmitted through a camera via a fiber optic cable. Fiber optic cable consists of strands of pure glass that are thinner than human hair. The strands carry digital information (such as images) over distance and deliver the information to a receiver. The strands are arranged in bundles that have an outer jacket (covering).
The light is transferred along the fiber optic cable by bouncing along the mirror lined walls of the cable. The purity of the glass used in the fiber optic strands affects the clarity of the image transmitted to the receiver. This is an important factor to keep in mind if you are looking to purchase any fiber optic products.
Fibre optic surveillance systems allow wireless surveillance camera systems to function and transmit images. The system is comprised of these components:
1. A fiber optic transmitter is used to feed data into. The transmitter transforms the information into coded light.
2. The optical fiber conducts the light signals over a distance.
3. An optical booster may be used to amplify the light if it is traveling a long distance.
4. An optical receiver decodes the light signal back into the original data format.
This method is how information is transferred from wireless surveillance camera systems. The camera takes the image, its transmitter sends the image signal (via fiber optic light) to the receiver. The receiver translates it into an image that can be viewed.
This technology has proven very beneficial for most communications. It has profoundly affected military communications on the battlefield. Troops in combat areas are able to communicate over extremely long distances without being detected.
Many tactile missions must be done in darkness to have the winning advantage. Optical surveillance systems and fiber optic transmission technology allow this to happen. The same technology that helps our military protect us is also available to protect our homes as well. Lower cost versions of the same systems are being used by many people to protect and monitor their belongings and loved ones. Businesses depend on these types of business surveillance systems for security in retail stores, industrial manufacturing facilities and many others.

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