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the armored fiber optic patch 10G cables are small diameter

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Armored fiber optic patch 10G cables uses stainless steel armor inside the jacket, which helps make it resistant of high tension and pressure. It retains all the features of normal patch cord, but much more stronger. When individuals use such armored 10G cables, they don’t need to worry the rodent animals such as the rats may bite the cables and make them broken. It may resist the load of an adult person, and it is difficult to break when bent or dragged. The interior armor can safeguard the entire cable from rodent. With stainless steel tube within the outer jacket to safeguard the central unit from the cable, the armored fiber optic patch cables are simple to use in harsh invironment. Although armored QSFP+ 10G cables are strong, they’re actually as flexible as standard fiber optic patch cords and could be bend randomly without having to be broken.
Installation procedure and maintenance is also easy. They’re ideal option for people who is seeking fiber optic patch cords with addtional durability and protection in addition to light weight. They retain the feature of all common types fiber optic patch cables, they are flexible to deploy in FTTH projects inside the buildings, normally the armored fiber optic patch 10G cables are small diameter and with PVC jacket, suit for indoor only use, outdoor usage fiber optic patch cables can also be found, they are with heavy PE jacket. They can be used directly in full duplex various harsh environment without additional protection.they can save space, reduce construction cost, making the constant maintenance more conveniently. Furthermore, the stainless steel tube prevents optic fiber from damage, which improves security and stability of the system.

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