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Previously on the Connected Fiber blog, we went through and broke down the technology behind fiber optic data transmission for our readers. When people are first told that light pulses can transmit data and information across long distances, it may seem fairly fantastical. However, as you can read in our post below, it certainly is a reality of our modern world.
The power that these fiber optics systems possess in comparison to other networked digital communication services is truly astounding, even in terms of our already superconnected world. In fact, fiber optics could create an exponential explosion in bandwidth across the nation, allowing many to think of data in terms of gigabytes instead of megabytes.
In recent years, Google has emerged as a major player in the field of fiber optics development. As this article published by Singularity Hub reports, this major creator of Internet technologies is aiming to use fiber optics to increase the speed of the entire Internet one thousand-fold within the next three years.
The Google Fiber project, as this operation is known, has already been unveiled in three cities, but another 34 could be added by the end of 2014. In Kansas City, Austin, and in Provo, UT, the three current Google Fiber locations, the fiber optics cables that have been installed have connection speeds that are on average one hundred times faster than the copper wires they’ve replaced. Even speeds as incredibly high as 10 gigabits per second are achievable through these systems.
Google is hoping to be able to offer its own Internet connection packages to residences and businesses based on these blazing fast cables. The basic package for Google Fiber costs about $70 per month, although television and other options are also available.
fiber-mart.com would be glad to explain the brave new world of fiber optics and its effects on our Internet age. Contact us if you’re interested in hearing about revolutionary fiber optics solutions for your business anywhere in the state of North Carolina.

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