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which also use the SFP+ Cables cabling

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This has caused the Fibre Channel community to create a Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) specification that helps to preserve the native protocol and its installed base. The InfiniBand community has similarly created its RoCE, or RDMA over Converged Ethernet, standard specification. RDMA is Remote Direct Memory Access, a low-latency and low-power technology used with InfiniBand architecture. So now these four interface, 10GBaseCR, 10GFCoE, 10GFC and 10GRoCE are implemented using the same SFP+ single-lane passive copper cabling. 
10G SFP+ usage has grown dramatically because active copper and active optical SFP+ Cables have enabled increased market segments and longer-length applications like digital signage and AV systemsBesides Fibre Channel, other storage interfaces like NAS, iSCSI, iSATA and ATAoE are tunneled over Ethernet 10GBaseCR. These other storage interfaces are also tunneled over Ethernet 10GBaseT using Category 6a and Category 7a cabling. 
There are open and closed Consortia de facto standards using these multi-protocols on so-called collapsed architectural fabrics like the Unified Computing System, which also use the SFP+ Cables cabling.Besides UCS, there are several other de facto standard unified style networks, which also use the SFP+ but with different encryption in memory mapping of the embedded plug EPROMs. 
One wonders if all of these IO interfaces will expand and use the newly developing 25/26/28Gbit/sec QSFP++ module and cabling system, which is being standardized through the SFF-8661/2/3 specification.

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