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ST-5500 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit

ST-5500 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit

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  • ST-5500 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit
  • ST-5500 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit

ST-5500 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit

Product Item: #16770
Model: FM-ST-5500
Price: US$435.00
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ST-5500 Fiber Optic Splicing Tool Kit

Description and Key Features:

(1) Fixed position for every hand tools, Convenient to pick up.
Intergrated Tool Kit applies for fiber optic cabling, splicing telecom system
(2) Easy maintenance, Cable Cut-Connect Operation
Gather many kinds of brand hand tools, Solve a variety technical
(3) difficulties for fiber optic cable cutting Cleaving / stripping / slitting / cleaning.
(4) Precision tools ensure success ratio for on-site operation.
(5) Upper cover of tool case includes 5 extended bags for cabling parts.

Details for Hand tools.
No. Item Name & Model#  Std Pack Qty

1 光缆纵向开缆刀KMS-K Cable ringing tool KMS-K 1 个 piece
2 光纤凯夫拉剪刀KC-1 Fiber Kevlar Scissors KC-1 1 个 piece
3 防漏酒精瓶 Leakage-proof Alcohol Dispenser 1 个 piece
4 光纤擦拭纸 Fiber Wipe Paper 500pcs/pack 5 包 pack
5 光纤清洁棒500PCS Fiber Cotton Bud 500 Nos./Pack 1 包 pack
6 美工刀 KEVLAR knife 1 支 piece
7 5米卷尺 5 meters tape measure 1 个 piece
8 迷你小钢锯 Mini HackSaw, Star Brand 1 支 piece
9 小钢锯备用锯片 Spare saw blade for small steel saw 3 个 piece
10 平口起子螺丝刀3X75MM Flat (Slotted) Screwdriver (SL 3mm,WL 75mm) 1 个 piece
11 平口起子螺丝刀 Flat (Slotted) Screwdriver (SL 6mm,WL 150mm) 1 个 piece
12 十字螺丝刀 Phillips Screwdriver (PH1,WL 75mm) 1 个 piece
13 一字螺丝刀 Phillips Screwdriver (PH3,WL 150mm) 1 个 piece
14 6寸组合钳 6 “ Combination Plier 1 个 piece
15 6寸剪线钳 6” Cutting Plier 1 个 piece
16 高精度光纤切割刀 High Precision Optical Fiber Cutter 1 个 piece
17 FAT工作板 Field Assembly Tool, NOT 3M brand
18 3.0mm夹具 3MM Cable Clamp 1 个 piece
19 2.0mm夹具 2MM Cable Clamp 1 个 piece
20 0.9mm夹具 0.25/0.9mm Cable Clamp 1 个 piece
21 2口光纤剥线钳 Primary coat stripper 1 个 piece
22 内护套剥线钳 Secondary coat stripper 1 个 piece
23 皮线剪缆钳 Fiber Drop Cable Cutter 1 个 piece
24 皮线剥纤钳 Fiber Drop Cable Stripper 1 个 piece
25 清洁笔1.25/2.5 Ferrule Cleaner Pen Type 1.25mm/2.5mm 2 个 piece
26 工具箱(413X328X168mm)
Compression Toolbox HighProtect/Lightweight
(413X328X168mm) 1 个 piece


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