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8 channels, Pigtailed Module, Duplex, DWDM Mux & Demux

8 channels, Pigtailed Module, Duplex, DWDM Mux & Demux

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  • 8 channels, Pigtailed Module, Duplex, DWDM Mux & Demux
  • 8 channels, Pigtailed Module, Duplex, DWDM Mux & Demux
  • 8 channels, Pigtailed Module, Duplex, DWDM Mux & Demux

8 channels, Pigtailed Module, Duplex, DWDM Mux & Demux

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Model: sku4628

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Multiplexer (MUX) and demultiplexer (DEMUX) are combined together into a single piece of equipment for bi-directional data transmission over two fibers.

DWDM Mux/Demux modules are part of a series of high performance products based on silica-on-silicon planar technology. The AWG chips Fiber-MART.Com used for DWDM Mux/Demux are targeted for Long-Haul, Metro and access applications, where outstanding optical performance and low cost are paramount.
Athermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating (AAWG) DWDM Modules features of athermal packaging design require no electrical power, software or temperature control.
Thermal Arrayed Waveguide Grating (TAWG) DWDM Modules are designed for use within the C-band release of DWDM system. To decrease the power dissipation of the devices in different environmental conditions, the AWG package is special designed with selection of reliable thermal plastic with low thermal conduction, and the AWG operating temperature is controlled by using foil resist heater or Peltier TEC with thermistor temperature sensor.
The channel spacing for DWDM is 1.6/0.8/0.4 nm (200GHz/100 GHz/50 GHz grid). This small channel spacing allows to transmit simultaneously much more information

Front Panel Details

Note: Actual layout depends on the chosen connector type as well as other factors. However, the principal scheme stays the same.

Item Details

  • 8 channels DWDM mux and demux
  • The channel spacing for DWDM is 0.8 nm (100 GHz grid). 1.6nm (200GHz) also available on request.
  • Com port is duplex
  • ABS pigtailed module
  • Protocol transparent (10 Mbps to 100 Gbps)
  • Distance: Up to 80 km depending on power budget of user equipment
  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent channel isolation
  • Epoxy-free optical path
  • Compliant to ITU-T G.657A1 standard.
  • ISO 9001 manufacturing facility

  • ABS Module Type

    Separate mux & demux(as default) Combinative mux & demux

    For duplex mux & demux, we make separate ABS package as default. Like the picture on the left shows, there are two separate ABS boxes, one is for packaging the wavelength channels of mux, and the other for the wavelength channels of demux.

    While we can also provide combinative ABS package like the picture on the right, mux and demux are packaged all together in one ABS box which save space without affecting the usage and function.It’s very convenient to package mux & demux in one ABS box for duplex wavelength channels like 2 channels, 4 channels...9 channels, but for 16 channels and 18 channels, we recommend you choosing 1U rack mount since ABS box may not be enough for packaging so much channels.

    Mechanical Details for Housing

    Note: Please, note that the drawings shown here only show the dimensions and do not the specific configuration of the module.


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