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Arista 7050QX Series Switches Compatible Optics

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Arista 7050 series is the main configuration for today’s 10GbE and 40GbE data centers. The emergence of Arista 7050X series has greatly increased the performance, scalability, density, power efficiency for software and cloud networking. Under the family of Arista 7050X, there are three family branches of 7050QX, 7050TX and 7050SX. In this article, we will mainly get to know the Arista 7050QX series and its compatible optics.
Basics of Arista 7050QX
Arista 7050QX series is similar to the 7050TX and 7050SX series for the same wire-speed low latency and high performance switching capabilities. This series uses the pay-as-you-grow approach to increase the high performance of the data center. It also merges the 32 x 40GbE or 96 x 10GbE and 8 x 40GbE interfaces into a single wire speed 1RU switch, thus makes the dense 2 tier designs possible to incorporate open standards, programmability, monitoring and visibility tools.
Arista 7050QX Advantages
Arista 7050QX definitely has many advantages for today’s popularity. People may choose it first for the high performance. The switch system is able to reach the maximum capacity of 2.56Tbps with 1.44 billion packets per second. Arista 7050QX also features the high availability of DC optimized airflow, 64-Way MLAG, 64-Way ECMP and VXLAN gateway and routing at L2 and L3. The leaf spline designs of the system extend the scalability of the switch in networking. Particularly, this series has the advanced monitoring function of CloudVision, LANZ microburst detection, DANZ advance monitoring and so on.
Specifications for Arista 7050QX
There are generally two types of specifications for Arista 7050QX. As the following picture shows, it is the 7050QX-32 model containing 32 x QSFP+ ports. It supports the flash storage memory of 2 Gbps and SDD storage of 100 Gbps.
To accommodate the connectivity needs for Arista 7050QX switch series in 10G and 40G networks, fiber-mart.COM offers all the compatible optics with high performance. For more information, please visit www.fiber-mart.com or contact us via [email protected]

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