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There are criminals out there; we suppose that terrorists may be a better choice of words, as they attack fiber optic cables in California. Just recently, and for the 11th time within a year, a purposefully severed fiber optic cable was found in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to this article in Theblaze.com.
This is a serious crime or a, as Richard Doherty, research director of The Envisoneering Group, puts it, “terrible social crime that affects thousands and millions of people.” The FBI is currently investigating the rash of fiber optic cutting in California and is determining whether they are connected.
When fiber optics are disrupted or cut altogether, it affects more than Internet, it affects the very way we communicate, so that puts hospitals and schools at risk, and that might result in the loss of lives. It is called the World Wide Web for a reason – we’re all caught in it and it’s near impossible to get off the grid nowadays.
By damaging a cable, it is as if a piece of the web is being damaged – think of a cobweb blowing in the wind – one strong gust and the entire web comes crashing down. We’re knitted together is what we’re saying and it only takes one little thing to blackout a region, and while the situation in California isn’t drastic or severe, it is nonetheless worrisome – as the attacks can become more frequent or, worst case scenario, attack more “connected” cables.

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