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How my Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter made me look like a hero to my wife

by www.fiber-mart.com

Okay, you’re asking “what’s the deal?” Let me tell you a true story and you can judge for yourself. It all started on my wife’s birthday when the kids sent their mother a bouquet of long stem roses. They were red and they were gorgeous, and I was equally impressed that the thorns were removed. So now the plan was to put these flowers into an appropriate vase for everyone to see, fill with just enough water and stir in one of those food packets to keep them fresh.
I always put the packets in and I always wonder whether they really do anything or if the florist just gives them to you to make it seem like he is doing you a favor. Does it work? Would the flowers last the same amount of time without the little packet? Your guess is as good as mine.
Now I go into the closet looking for the right size vase for the flowers, and you guessed it, long stem roses and the vases in my closet don’t match…time to cut the flowers. Well my wife grabs an old pair of scissors in the kitchen drawer and begins cutting the stems one at a time. Ever see a rose stem projectile? Ever see blisters on your hand using a dull kitchen scissor and stems hardened to RC 50?
Husband to the rescue! I reached into my tool box for my Jonard JIC-186 Ergonomic Fiber Optic Kevlar Cutter. The very same one all of you techs use to cut Kevlar, copper cables and various other fabrics and cables. You guessed it. These scissors were designed to cut just about anything, and they were prefect, and yes it was “my hero” time. The roses looked great, the stems were the perfect height, and my wife was a happy camper.
P.S. keep the blades clean and you will be in Kevlar cutter heaven for a very long time.
If you have your own special uses you would like to share – let us know. www.fiber-mart.com

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