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Introduction of Fiber Optic Patch Panel

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First, we need to know, Fiber optic patch panel also called ODF (optical distribution frame), some people like to call as this. it is designed for fiber optic communications center room to develop fiber optic wiring devices, cable fixing and protection features fiber optic cable end of contract function, line control function, fiber optic cable core, and fiber optic pigtail protection function. In simple terms, fiber optic patch panel’s function is to terminate the fiber optic cable and provide access to the cable’s individual fibers for cross connection.

A basic fiber optic panel is typically made up of a metal frame that encloses the adapter panels, the connector coupler and a splice tray. The fiber optic cables connect to the panels through the coupler. One side of the panel is usually fixed, meaning the cables aren’t disconnected at any point. The other side of the panel is reserved for cables that can be connected and disconnected to arrange the wire circuits as needed. The splice tray allows cables to be neatly arranged in the fiber optic panel.

How Many Types of Fiber Patch Panel?

Fiber patch panel is available in two versions: rack mount patch panel and wall mount patch panel. Both can house, organize, manage and protect fiber optic cable, splices and connectors.

1.Rack Mount Fiber Patch Panel

Rack mount patch panel is generally made for standard 19 inch rack mounting. Depending on the number of connections required, it is often available in 1U, 2U, 4U configurations with flat or angled design. One could choose the most proper one depending on the space and requirements of your project.

2.Wall Mount Fiber Patch Panel

Wall mount fiber patch panel is featured with low-profile, compact design, offering an optimal choice for securing and protecting fiber connections in telecommunications closets or other installation areas where wall space is a premium. Further more, it enables clear and intuitive cable routing paths for integrated bend radius protections and can be easily mounted to any wall using the internal mounting holes.

How To Use a Fiber Optic Patch Panel?

Fiber optic patch panels are commonly used in fiber optic management unit. When you install and manage the fiber optic links, you may encounter hundreds or even thousands of fiber optic cables and cable connections. Getting a fiber optic patch panel is mainly for two reasons: termination and better cable management. As for patch panel termination, it is the step to terminate fibers on the patch panel, a precise task required much attention.

As for cable management, here I recommend you to accompany it with cable managers. From a top-down perspective, the order of the devices in a cabinet should be: fiber patch panel 1, cable manager 1, fiber patch panel 2, cable manager 2.

For fiber optic cabling cable management, you should plan the location of your fiber connectivity hardware carefully, including fiber patch panels. You can choose between direct cross connection and patch panel. It is also necessary to arrange your routing and dressing of your fiber patch cords if you choose to use fiber panels. In the meantime, you also have a choice to use fiber cable management brackets to avoid the dangling fiber patch cables. Owning a fiber optic path will not only spare you a lot of time and energy in cabling design, but also present you a neat cabling system, which will bring you efficient work.



For modern data center, it is imperative to stay organized with fiber optic patch panel – not just for easy upgrades and quick access, but also to prevent dangers that are inherent with any network system. Fiber optic patch panel is a kind of important supplementary equipment in the optical transmission system, mainly used for the cable end of contract of the optical fiber blend splicing, the optical connector is mounted, the optical path adjusting pick excess pigtail storage and protection of the cable, which for the safe operation of the optical fiber communication network and the flexibility people plays an important role.Fiber-Mart can supply many kinds fiber optic patch panel . If you have any questions or requirement of fiber optic patch panel,welcome to contact us.

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