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Supported Optics for Arista 7250QX-64

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In 10G/40G data center, switches must not only provide high performance, scalability and density, but also should meet the requirements of system availability, reliability or functionality. The Arista 7250QX-64 is that kind of switch with advanced features. This article is going to introduce its architecture and its connecting solution.
Overview of Arista 7250QX-64
The Arista 7250QX-64 switch is one of Arista 7250X series which represent performance, scale and power efficiency in 2RU data center switches. As the adoption of 10G servers keeps increasing, the need for flexible, dense 10GbE/40GbE solutions is extremely urgent. The Arista 7250X is designed to build 10/40GbE data center in the configuration of 2U with 64 QSFP+ interfaces in a new category called spline (combined leaf and spine). These provide high density 1/10/40G in compact and energy efficient form factors, optimized airflow targeted for deployment as middle-of-row/end-of-row in server racks with wire speed layer 2 and layer 3 features. The Arista 7250X series greatly improve on the sides of performance, scalability, density and other features.
The Arista 7250QX-64 is a compact 2RU switch with 64 QSFP+ interfaces supporting up to 64x40GbE. With the feature of flexible 10G/40G options, each of QSFP+ port can be used as 4x10GbE for a 256x10GbE system combined the use of optical transceivers and cables of copper cables. Figure 1 shows Arista 7250QX-64 switch’s front view of 64 QSFP+ ports supporting 64x 40GbE or 256x 10GbE and rear view of 4x(N+1) fan modules, 1+1 hot-swappable power supplies, color coded PSU (program storage unit) and fans. It’s used in 10GbE and 40GbE data center offering high performance, low latency and scalable system powered by Arista EOS, the worlds most advanced network operating system.
Scalability and Flexibility
Since the Arista 7250QX-64 delivers line rate switching at layer 2 and layer 3, it’s helpful to save the network capital and operational costs for data centers by the faster and simpler network designs. When used with the combination of the Arista 7000 series of fixed and modular switches, the networks can scale to over 200,000 10G servers in a low-latency two-tier network that provides predictable and consistent application performance. The layer 2 and layer 3 multi-path design options provides maximum flexibility, scalability and network wide virtualization.
The Arista 7250QX-64 is ideal for the use of ultra-high density 40GbE switching in a compact fixed form-factor. With the combination of 10G and 40G connection, the switch can realize 40G to 10G migration. As Figure 2 shows, every QSFP+ port can be set as 4x10G. And this network can be achieved with one 40G QSFP+ PLRL4 and four 10G SFP+ transceivers connected by MTP-4LC harness cable directly.
The Arista 7250QX-64 is a good choice for 10G/40G data center because of its high performance, flexibility and scalability. To create the connection, fiber optics, cables and other cable management tools are needed. Choose a right vendor to your modern data center will help you save cost, save time and better management. fiber-mart.COM is your best choice.

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