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The Classification Of Fiber Optic Transceivers

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A wide range of fiber transceivers, corresponding changes according to different classification types.


Can be classified according to the nature of the fiber optic multimode fiber-optic transceivers and single-mode fiber transceiver. Different due to the use of fiber-optic transceivers can transfer distance is not the same multimode transceiver transmission distance of 2 km to 5 km, the area covered by the single-mode transceiver from 20 km to 120 km.

optic tranceiver

Required optical fiber can be divided into single-fiber optical transceivers: the transmission and reception of data transmission on a single fiber; dual-fiber optical fiber transceivers: the transmission and reception of data on a pair of optical fiber transmission.

Work level/rate points, can be divided into single-10M, 100M fiber optic transceivers, a 10/100M adaptive fiber optic transceivers and 1000M fiber optic transceiver. Points, according to the structure can be divided into the desktop(Independent) fiber optic transceivers and rack-mounted fiber optic transceivers. Desktop fiber optic transceiver is suitable for use on a single user, such as to meet the corridor in a single switch on the joint. Rack-mount (modular) fiber optic transceivers for multi-user aggregation, such as the center of the cell room must meet all the switches in the district of the Alliance.


Network management can be divided into managed fiber optic transceivers and fiber optic transceivers unmanaged.

Can be divided according to the type of management, unmanaged Ethernet optical transceiver: Plug and Play, electrical interfaces via hardware DIP switch settings mode. Managed Ethernet fiber optic transceivers: support carrier-grade network management.

Built-in power supply fiber optic transceivers according to the type of power can be divided into: built-in switching power supply for carrier-grade power; external power supply fiber optic transceivers: external transformer power multi-use civilian equipment. The advantage of the former is to be able to support a wide power supply voltage regulator, filter and equipment power protection, reducing external point of failure caused by mechanical contact; advantage of the latter is that the device is compact and cheap.

Points according to work, the full duplex mode (full duplex) is when the data transmission and reception of the shunt, respectively, transmitted by the two different transmission lines, the communication to both sides at the same time for sending and receiving operations, such a transfer way is full-duplex system, the full duplex mode without the need for the direction of the switch, therefore, no switching time delay generated by the operation.


The half-duplex mode (half duplex) is used with a transmission line, both for the reception and for transmission, although the data may be transmitted in both directions, but the communication parties can not simultaneously send and receive data, such transfer method is half-duplex system.


Using half-duplex mode, the communication system at each end of the transmitter and the receiver through the transmit / receive switch is transferred to the communication line, the direction of the switch, therefore, will produce a time delay.




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