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The Potential Damage That Can Harm Your Cables

by www.fiber-mart.com

Whether it’s a family home or a business, many people are making the switch to fiber optic cables due to the increased efficiency that they bring. Not only are they more effective than copper wires, but they’re lighter and faster as well. Fiber Optic will be at the forefront of communication for years to come, but like all things, there are ways in which they can be harmed.
With a product like this, a primary concern is with those that try to steal. Thievery is always a problem, and with fiber optic cables, it happens more than you’d think. Many times, robbers will see fiber optics and mistake them for a form of metal, which translates to money in their mind. Therefore, they will attempt to steal in hopes of reselling the cables. Fiber optics don’t contain metal, but people will still try to displace them.
The beauty of fiber optic cables is that they are designed to outlast any type of normal weather precipitation. However, in the event of large scale scenario (such as an earthquake), the cables will suffer from damage. Now, obviously natural disasters are rare occasions, but even in normal conditions, it’s still important to get your cables regularly checked to maintain peak efficiency.
Harm From Animals
When fiber optic cables are installed, they are typically placed underground or through the interior of a building. Naturally, there are a variety of animals that can come into contact with the cables. Whether it’s rodents throughout the house or animals venturing in from outside areas, there’s a small chance they could end up disturbing your setup. In the event that happens, make sure to have your cables examined. This is also why it’s smart to schedule the regular check ups for efficiency, in case something like that does happen.
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