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A Short Introduction of Data Center Industry in Sri Lanka

by www.fiber-mart.com

Sri Lanka is an island country of South Asia, located in the India Ocean. The largest city is colombo. The total area of Sri Lanka is 65,610 km2, and population is about 20 million. GDP per capital (PPP) of Sri Lanka is $13,500, ranking the 91st in the world of 2018. Sri Lanka is very famous for its tourism and tea export. It retains many Buddhism traditional culture and owns the beautiful scenery and landscape of tropical island. As the island is shaped like a teardrop, Sri Lanka has a beautiful name of a teardrop in India Ocean.
Data Center Industry
Sri Lanka has 34 internet users per 100, ranking No.147 in the global internet usage in 2017. Sri Lanka is the No.64 globally ranked country based on data center density. And the connectivity ecosystem is made up of 6 colocation data centers, 3 cloud service providers. The largest three data centers are built by Dialog Axiata, Tata Communication and Sri Lanka Telecom.
TATA Communications Lanka Ltd
TATA Communications Sri Lanka Data Center is located at Taj Samudra, Colombo 03, Colombo, Sri Lanka. It is a subsidiary of TATA Communications Limited, a TATA Group company and one of the largest telecommunications service providers in the world. Providing services to customers in Sri Lanka, TATA Communications Lanka has unrestricted access to the global network and infrastructure of TATA Communications Limited. TATA Communications Lanka Ltd inaugurated its second International Gateway in Sri Lanka at the emerging IT Park, Orion City in 2011. Strengthening its seven-year presence in the country, the new facility will further strengthen the reliability and stability of its services to both operators and enterprise customers.
Sri Lanka Telecom
Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has opened a 500-rack national data center in Pitipana, 40 kilometers away from the capital Colombo. Customers will be able to hire racks as and when they are required to manage their CAPEX and OPEX effectively. With this move enterprise customers and government organizations will get the freedom to minimize their investments and operational expenditure by eliminating the need for maintaining their own data centers. The rental payment expected from the customers will be far less in comparison to the amount they would need to invest and spend continuously in order to have their own data centers. SLT intends to provide expert knowledge and bear all costs associated with space, protection, disaster management etc. All data entrusted to the data centre will be stored lawfully following all necessary regulations and is thus secure against any vulnerability.
The facility was built with the assistance of the Ministry of Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure, and has obtained Tier III Design certification from the Uptime Institute. SLT is the licensed national backbone network operator in Sri Lanka, and one of the country’s largest companies. Constriction on its latest data center, a three-story building in the newly proposed Tech City area, began in February 2016.The company calls the facility the country’s first purpose-built Tier III data center.

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