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Building Your Own Passive Optical LAN

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Technology has massively gotten better over the years and now the standard is to have LAN on commercial facilities. LAN stands for local area network. It is ideal for places where there are many different computers or devices that will be using the same network and link to the server. Many LAN traditionally use Ethernet copper cable but this starts to become a problem when more and more devices or cables are added. These problems include bandwidth, limited cable infrastructure, and even connectivity issues.
The better option for LAN would be fiber optics, also known as POL. This is because they provide a higher bandwidth, better security, and take up less space. They even lower the power usage by up to 40%. These cables also tend to be more flexible for the network design and are easier to install because they do not require as much equipment.
The Four Main Things You Need To Install Passive Optical LAN:
Optical Line Terminal (OLT) – This is needed because it is used to send signals to and fro. It essentially sends data from the service providers to the optical network terminals and vice versa.

Optical Network Terminal (ONT) – The optical network terminal is needed to connect the optical fibers to the network before they are connected to computers.

Fiber Optic Splitter – You may only need one fiber optic splitter but this really depends on the size of your network and the number of fibers you have. These splitters are placed between the OLT and ONTs. They allow for the optical signals to be distributed equally and as the key factor in a passive optical LAN. You can get them in a variety of split ratios, package forms, and fiber types with the most common one being PLC splitters.
Connectivity Products – You will need to have connectivity components to connect the cables and your devices. Common options include fiber enclosures, a fiber all plate, copper patch cables, and fiber patch cables. These are important components if you want a high-performance passive optical LAN.
The Best Place To Get High-Quality Fiber Optic Cables
As you can see, you do not need much to set up your own passive optical LAN. If you are interested in installing your own passive optical LAN, be sure to visit fiber-mart.com for fiber optic cables and parts.

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