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The way to Use Field Assembly Connector?

by www.fiber-mart.com

The expansion of FTTH application has brought prosperity to the manufacturing of field assembly connectors for fast field termination. This type of connector gains its popularity due to the applicability to cable wiring and compact bodies which are easily stored in optical fiber housings. With excellent features of stability and low loss, field assembly connector has now become a reliable and durable solution for fiber optic systems. However, do you really know the field assembly process of the connector? This article provides an easy guide to show you the way of using field assembly connector.
Introduction to Field Assembly Connector
Before getting to know the instruction process, let’s have a look at the basic knowledge about field assembly connector. Field assembly connector or fast connector is an innovative field installable optical fiber connector designed for simple and fast field termination of single fibers. Without using additional assembling tools, field assembly connector can be quickly and easily connected to the drop cable and indoor cable, which saves a lot of required termination time. It is specially designed with the patented mechanical splice body that includes a factory-mounted fiber stub and a pre-polished ceramic ferrule. Field assembly connector is usually available for 250 µm, 900 µm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm diameter single-mode and multimode fiber types. The whole installation process only takes about 2 minutes which greatly improves the working efficiency.
Internal Structure of Field Assembly Connector
From the following figure, we can see the specific internal structure of field assembly connector. The ferrule end face of the connector is pre-polished in a factory for later connection with the fiber. A mechanical splice is also formed at the end of the ferrule for mechanical fixation of optical fiber. The mechanical splice consists two plates, one with a V groove, another with flat surface above the V groove, and a clamp for the insertion of the two plates. When inserting the fiber, a wedge clip will keep the V groove open for easier installation. After the fiber insertion, the wedge clip can be extracted from the V groove.
Features and Applications
Key Features
Field-installable, cost-effective, user-friendly
No requirement for epoxy and polishing
Quick and easy fiber termination in the field
No need for fusion splicer, power source and tool for pressure
Visual indication of proper termination
Fiber optic telecommunication
Fiber distribution frame
FTTH outlets
Optical cable interconnection
Cable television
Field Assembly Instruction Guide
Although it is an simple way to use field assembly connector, the right operation process is also important. Here will introduce some basic steps for connector installation.
Step 1, prepare the field assembly connector parts and related tools required during the process. There is no need for special tools, but fiber cleaver and jacket stripper are still necessary.
Step 2, insert the connector boot into the fiber cable.
Step 3, cut and reserve 10mm bare fiber by fiber cleaver and then make sure the total fiber length of 30 mm.
Step 4, insert the fiber from bottom until the stopper and make fiber present micro bend.
Step 5, press the press cover to tight the bare fiber.
Step 6, lock the boot with yarn.
Step 7, cut the yarn.
Step 8, screw the boot and put on housing to complete assembly.
Here are some precautions for you to notice during the process:
Point 1, the product is sensitive to dirt and dust. Keeping it away from any possible contamination is necessary.
Point 2, the performance will be influenced by the fiber cutting surface condition. Use a cutter with a sharp blade for the best results.
Point 3, insert the fiber into the connector slowly. If the fiber is roughly inserted, it might be damaged or broken, leading to failure of connector installation. Broken fiber could scatter in all directions.
Point 4, do not remove the dust cap until the connector has been completely assembled in order not to cause a high insertion loss.
Point 5, a proper amount of index matching gel is applied in the connector. Do not insert fiber more than once into connector.
Fiber assembly connector enables quick termination to improve reliable and high connector performance in FTTH wiring and LAN cabling systems. All the above solutions provided by fiber-mart.COM are available to meet your requirements. Please visit the website for more information.

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