20dB Gain Single Channel Pre-Amplifier EDFA Module for SDH Networks

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  • 20dB Gain Single Channel Pre-Amplifier EDFA Module for SDH Networks

20dB Gain Single Channel Pre-Amplifier EDFA Module for SDH Networks

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EDFA Module for SDH Networks 20dBm Gain Single Channel Pre-Amplifier


20dBm Gain Pre-Amplifier EDFA Module for SDH Networks

This optical amplifier is high stability output EDFA. The key components of the product are high reliability PUMP laser. A unique APC (Automatic Power Control), AGC (Automatic Gain Control), ACC(Automatic Current Control) and ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) circuit insures the high stability and reliability output power or Gain, the unique optical circuit design ensures the excellent optical performance. The high stability and high precision MPU system to ensure the control, adjustment and monitor are intelligent and easy.
FIBER-Mart.com provide EDFA Modules for SDH networks which are designed for the Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) application. The SDH series are specially designed for single channel fiber system, and installed after the optical transmitter to increase the output power and extend signal transmission distance. Under normal operating conditions, this module will draw less than 2W of power (5V, 270 mA), and it requires only a single 5V DC power supply for operation.



  • Single 5V DC operation
  • Gain: 20DB
  • Input power:–35~–25dBm
  • Fully Customizable Design
  • Extremely low CSO: <-70dBc
  • Compact structure and circuit
  • Small footprint and ruggedized design
  • Compatible with Bellcore GR-1312-CORE
  • Low noise figure: less than 4.5 dB at 0dBm input
  • Perfect status monitoring interface: RS-232 or RS-485
  • APC, AGC, ATC and ACC control modes
  • Intelligent temperature control system: power consumption and hot radiation reduce 30% than common products



  • SDH Networks
  • Short pulse amplification
  • Optical distributed system
  • Fiber optic link amplification
  • Test and measurement systems
  • Video optical transmission system
  • Rack mount optical amplify system
  • Military and industrial applications
  • Single-channel or optical communication systems


Mechanical Dimension



Order Information

Category Structure Application Input power Gain Output ports Voltage Interface
M: Module 81: Mechanical Dimension: 164×85×18mm 2: Fiber Amplifier 1: –35~–25dBm
9: other
16: 16dB

30: 30dB
1: 1 port
2: 2 ports
7: 5V DC
8: 3.3V DC

※If you want to customize two or more output ports, please send email to [email protected].

※If you need custom service, such as more output ports or some special input/output power value for this module, pls send emails to [email protected], we will contact you within 24 hours.


Optical Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Wavelength λc 1530 1550 1562 nm
Output power(1) Po ------ ------ ------ dBm
Input power Pi -35 ------ -25 dBm
Gain G ------ 20 ------ dB
Noise Figure(2) NF ------ 4.5 ----- dB
Output Power stability ΔPo ----- ±0.05 ±0.1 dB
Return Loss RL ------- ------- -45 dB
PDG PDG ------ ------- 0.3 dB
PDM PMD ------ ------- 0.5 ps

(1): Output power and dual output is optional.
(2): Test at 0dBm input.


Electric Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Power supply ※ Vps 3.0/4.5 3.3/5.0 3.5/5.5 VAC
Consumption ※※ P ----- ---- 20 W

※Actual consumption depend on the output power and environment temperature.


Environmental Characteristics

Parameter Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating temperature Tw -5 ----- 60
Storage temperature Ts -40 ----- 80
Humidity ------ 10 ------ 85 %


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