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12 Fibers 2In-2Out FM034 Series Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

12 Fibers 2In-2Out FM034 Series Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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  • 12 Fibers 2In-2Out FM034 Series Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

12 Fibers 2In-2Out FM034 Series Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Product Item: #16635
Model: FM- 2In-2Out FM034
Price: US$62.83
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12 Fibers 2In-2Out FM034 Series Horizontal Fiber Optic Splice Closure



Horizontal (inline) fiber optic splice closures are made of excellent engineering plastics. Fiber-Mart supply different ports types, fittings and different fiber optic core numbers for horizontal fiber optic splice closures.
Fiber-Mart's Splice Closure is suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight through and branching applications, and can be used in aerial, duct and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.

Key Features

  • Suitable for ordinary fiber and ribbon fiber.
  • Fully kitted with all parts for convenient operation.
  • Overlap structure in splicing tray for easy installation.
  • Fiber-bending radium guaranteed more than 40mm.
  • Easy to install and re-entry with a common can wrench.
  • Excellent Anti-removable Screw Opening Type to protect fiber and splice ensuring durability.
  • Stand up to severe condition of moisture,vibration and extreme temperatures.

Main Technical Parameters

Item FM-F034
Cable ports 4 Entires(2 on each side)
Number of fiber fusion 12 (bunchy)
Splice tray cores 24 (bunchy)
Number of splice trays(max) 8
Dimension (mm) 655x215x185
Cable diameter(mm) Ф10~Ф22
Max capacity of fiber 192 (bunchy)
Working temperature -40℃~65℃
Insulation resistance >2×104MΩ
Opening Type Anti-removable Screw-Type
Installation Type Aerial
Sealing structure Sticky cincture


Notes: Installation of Aerial is default in Fiber-Mart, the other can also be customized according to your requirements, please contact at [email protected] for details.


  • Be suitable for Aerial,Duct and Direct Buried application.
  • CATV environment, Telecommunications, Customer premises environments, Carrier Networks and fiber optic networks.

Horizontal (inline)Optic Splice Closure


Main components

No. Name of components Quantity Usage Remarks
1 Housing 1 set Protecting fiber cable splices in whole  
2 Insert plate 2 pairs Fixing the housing 175x56x30(mm)
3 Fiber optic splice tray (FOST) Max 8 trays(bunchy) Fixing heat shrinkable protective sleeve and holding fibers Suitable for: Bunchy:12,24,36,48,72,96,144,192(cores)
4 Foundation 1 set Fixing fiber cable, reinforced core and FOST  
5 Seal fitting 1 set Sealing between FOSC cover and FOSC bottom  
6 Port plug 6pieces Sealing empty ports  
7 Pressure testing valve 1 set After injecting air, it is used for pressure testing and sealing testing Configuration as per requirement
8 Earthing deriving device 1 set Deriving metallic parts of fiber cable in FOSC for earthing connection Configuration as per requirement


Optional accessories and special tools

No. Name of accessories Quantity Usage Remarks
1 Heat shrinkable protective sleeve   Protecting fiber splices Configuration as per capacity
2 Nylon tie   Fixing fiber with protective coat Configuration as per capacity
3 Insulation tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber cable for easy fixing  
4 Seal tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber cable which fits in with seal fitting Configuration as per specification
5 Hanging hook 1 set For aerial use  
6 Earthing wire 1 piece Putting through between earthing devices To put through as per actual requirement
7 Abrasive cloth 1 piece Scratching fiber cable  
8 Labeling paper 1 piece Labeling fiber  
9 Special wrench 3 pieces Fixing bolts, tightening nut of reinforced core  
10 Measuring paper 1 piece To measure perimeter of fiber cable, of which the diameter is enlarged with seal tape To measure perimeter with the corresponding measuring paper
11 Buffer tube To be decided by customers Hitched to fibers and fixed with FOST, managing buffer Configuration as per requirement
12 Desiccant 1 bag Put into FOSC before sealing for desiccating air.  


Note: This price does not come with the optional accessories and tools, if you need them, please contact us at [email protected] details.


If any option which is not indicate in your Ordering, please write your option or request in your ORDER to Fiber-Mart, and contact with us.


You can place your Order Online in our website, you can send us a Purchase Order as a company, or you can request a Proforma Invoice Order to make everything clear!


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