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The transmission distance of our fiber optic transceivers ups to 120km

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http://www.fiber-mart.com/fiber-optic-transceivers-xfp-transceivers-c-1_83.htmlAccording to the forecasts of Infonetics, the 100G optical transceiver sales will be doubled in the next two years; and the outlook of many other high-speed modules will be good too.But the QSFP+ enterprise applications are also in good uphill stages. Infonetics expected that the shipment of the 40G QSFP+ long-distance devices will be increased two times in 2017.
At the same time, along with intensifies of the 100G coherent deployment in China and other regions, the 40G coherent optical modules overall market is slipping, expect Japan.
100GBASE-SR10 CXP 850nm 150m Transceiver for MMF
The 2017 global optical transceiver market is healthy overall, increased by 10% to 16.3 hundred million dollars. For the 100G optical module, the tunable XFP optical module is the biggest winner, whose shipments are more than one time.
However, these devices also declined in price. Infonetics expects, tunable XFPs will continue to expand the future. Benefit from the continuous strength of 10G Metro markets, the unit shipments of tunable XFP optical modules in 2012-2017 CAGR are 36%.

In the general application, the requirement of understanding fiber optic transceiver includes the models, interface types, application fields except the internal structure of the optical module.
 In the fiber optical communication, the fiber optic transceiver contains the PON module (GEPON module and GPON module), SFP transceiver, SFF transceiver, 10G SFP+ Module, 10G XFP Module, GBIC Transceiver, RJ45 copper module, 1x9 duplex SC/ST connector fiber optic transceiver and so on. The range of the transmission data rate covers from the 100/125/155/622Mbp to the 1.062G/1.25G/2.125G/2.488Gbps. And the transmission distance ups to 120km.
As a professional fiber optical transceiver manufacturer and supplier, we supply all these fiber optic transceivers. For other information about our products, please visit our website.


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